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Have a Nice Dream
Wednesday, 8 June 2011 | 21:33 | 0 voices
I just wanna share what am I dream about last night :))
It was about my Super Q for sure !
Ohhh . niceeeee <3 :) I just don't feel like to wake up from my sleep .
Because I'm in a very sweet dream ! Ohhhhhh 

And I feel like it was truly real 
My Super Q datang rumah . Dia masuk rumah Amani . Then sembang dengan abang Amani :)) Waktu  tu Amani tgh tidur . Grrrrrrr :\ Then Super Q bukak pintu bilik and wake me up ! Ohhhhh . Then kami sembang . Lepas tu tak ingat lahh . Then time makan . Macam ada satu family gathering . Amani dok sbelah parents Amani . And told my mother about my Super Q . My Super Q got a greenlight from her . And also form my father . Benda ni seolah olah Amani nak kahwin dgn dia . Ohh . Impossible ! It would not be like that . Never and never ! :'(

Super Q : Amani , ni just olok-olok je tauu :))



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