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Tutorial remove post date
 Tutorial scrollbar
 Tutorial 'follow' and 'dashboard' button
 Tutorial floating online users
 Tutorial change highlight text colour
 Tutorial center post title
 Tutorial disabling copy
 Tutorial blockquote
 Change background

 Tutorial post title background
 Tutorial cute icon next to sidebar
 Tutorial  cute icon next to post title
 Tutorial moving word at menu bar
 Tutorial sparkling cursor
 Tutorial bubble cursor effect
 Tutorial put 'My Status' in blog
 Create shoutbox
 Facebook like button
 Reminder in every post

 Music dumper
 Tutorial small icon emerge in blockquote
 Tutorial auto hide shoutbox
 Tutorial moving word cursor
 Tutorial remove navigation bar
 Tutorial floating button
 Tutorial youtube player without video
 Tutorial image hover
 Tutorial message below your post ( washed denim )
 Tutorial header jointed with body

 Tutorial facebook badge
 Tutorial double coloured sidebar
 Tutorial change home , newer , older to icon
 Tutorial cute cursors
 Tutorial blog speed test
 Tutorial ringankan blog
 Tutorial body background
 Tutorial sliding pictures
 Tutorial open new tab without right click
 Tutorial fieldset

 Tutorial download cute fonts (part 1)
 Tutorial rainbow coloured link
 Tutorial download photoshop CS4 portable
 Tutorial remove subscribe to : post atom
 Tutorial Jquery hover image
 Tutorial mustache cursor
 Tutorial background comment form
 Tutorial Ctrl F search for the codes
 Tutorial pop up window
 Tutorial link hover

 Tutorial facebook like button on blog
 Tutorial moving word and image 
 Tutorial image opacity effect
 Tutorial youtube player new version
 Tutorial shadowed highlight
 Tutorial blockquote shapes
 Tutorial welcome note at header , press HELLO to enter 
 Tutorial back to top button 
 Tutorial print screen
 Tutorial double underline link

 Tutorial another link hover
 Tutorial replay youtube player *version 3
 Tutorial picture changes on hover
 Tutorial sidebar and post title like me 
 Tutorial buang underline bawah link
 Tutorial Follow and Dashboard button like me
 Tutorial header hover
 Tutorial background underline
 Tutorial update status box
 Tutorial separated main wrapper and sidebar wrapper


Free background *part1

Free background *part 2

 Free background *part 3

 Free background *part 4



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