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' Black Coffee and Cream Crackers '
Friday, 19 August 2011 | 14:05 | 0 voices
Hey , today we have been given the script for drama that will be held soon at SMK Syed Ahmad .
Ohh goshh ! I've been elected to hold Amiera's character , Nurul Hidayah as my mom , Thaqif Ahmad as my daddy , Suzana Abidin as my maid , and  Rino as my own brother . The new characters were Papa's new assistant and Daniel . Daniel was my boyfriend and Afiq Kadok has been elected to be Daniel . There were so many obscene scene that will happen . Between me and Daniel , the maid and Danny . I don't know how to act :) We have to memorize our own dialogue .

Do pray for our school drama's team .



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