'To be or not to be, that's the question'

Thursday, 29 September 2011 | 19:11 | 0 voices
My name is Nurul Afiqah Amani bt Yaakob . I am sixteenth years old :)
Yeahh that was my first sentence when I'm seventh of age . Teacher asked me to stand at the front . I refused it once . She forced me and I walked out slowly then and those are my first sentences on first day at my primary school . And what about now ?
I became a wonderful crazy . Once I just put my thought that I've passed through out many stages to be what I'm being right now .

Yeahh .. I am teenager and slowly I will leave it and I'll become a woman and getting married , have my own children , be a mother to my children , be a good wife to my husband .  

And now ? I'm just a daughter of my parents and be a good of that . What else I should be to fill off my teenagers world ? Yeahh . I have my crazy enough friends . Though , I pleased to friend with them . I've used to be crazy enough and talk a lot . *jyeahhhh !!! I have no point on what I'm taliking about . It is just a thought . Nothing more and more .
Byebye lovely :)


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