'To be or not to be, that's the question'

Saturday, 24 September 2011 | 19:17 | 0 voices
Hari ni aku bangun di pagi hari untuk menyiapkan diri ke kursus *first stage untuk mendapatkan lesen L . 
Grrrrr >,<
Okay I'm just doing fine ;) 
Then I got into car and my father took me away to the destination . (Seriab)
As I reached there , the duty in charge told me that I was at wrong place . I should be at IKMP Behor Pulai .
I went then . Ohh god . I felt very nervous as I don't know how to face a lot of people there . Put my thought on that *sigh

Then aku pun pi la kat IKMP . Wahhhh . Tahap nervous aku mmg taktau nak habaq >.<
Then masuk dalam daftar *aku pakai orang dalam . HAHAHAHHHH
Nervous stopped for a while when I saw Kechek a.k.a Aida Syazleen .
I felt so cool at that time . I have friend to talk with . I required to be in Bilik Kuliah KPP so I just followed the order . I am number 34 *we were given by a number each . I required to be in that room for 6 hours . Ohh god ! There were given 15 minutes only to go for a recess >.< Exhaustion !



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