'To be or not to be, that's the question'

Tuesday, 25 October 2011 | 22:35 | 0 voices

OhMyGod CAPTAIN !!!! There's a monster are coming towards us . What should we do now ?

Captain : MONSTER ? Where ???? GrrrrrrrThere .... ABOVE usss .

Captain : Oh nevermind . Let me handle it . Dear monster , we are small soldiers visiting here to stalk everything that are placed in your blog .
Yess I mean I am a monster . Graggggghhhhhhhh !!!! . But actually I am nothing .. I am an ordinary girl . Ladies and gentleman , I am NURUL AFIQAH AMANI BT YAAKOB a.k.a AMANI YAAKOB . I've used this nickname since this year (2011) . I have eyebags that I would bring it anywhere I go , every second , every minute  every hour , everyday ... Then , I put hijab over my head :) Oh yess !!! I am still a student , a student who are required to carry my school bag every five days a week , need to be on time as the school rule , who are needed to wear a pair of white school uniform and a black leather shoes . It looks like I'm a very nerd student . Ohh , one more thing , I also need to pick a thing from it boxes and put it to my eyes for sometime (SPECKY GIRL) 'cause I experienced to have a short sightedness and it is also since this year .. It all just about this year .

If you are asking whether I'm single or had taken by somebody , my answer is absolutely SINGLE . I am scary of public exam that I would face it next year , SPM :\ *Probably . I just like wanna run off from that such thing ! Aww , what else ??? Ohh . I'm very good at singing . It is actually very bad and I just singing when I 'put' my body in bathroom . I do love that way I'm singing . Yess you must know , I am very good at stalking people :) It is my pleasure ........ Lalalalalalaaaa . I keep attracting to somebody who really unique so badly . Unique is something awesome for me . Differents are something similar to me . It common between me and you :)


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