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Saturday, 8 October 2011 | 19:16 | 0 voices
Någon som vet några roliga gra - cajsabieber

Hey guys ! *This is just a slank . How about your days ? What have you gone through with ? Bad or worst ? Right or wrong ? Awesome or awkward ? Let's talk about our status . What do you understand by a single word 'status' ? Have you defined about your status ? How is it ? Does it look nice or something bad ? Hahahahhh :) Most people always used facebook to update what they have gone through , throughout the days or something else .

Hey beauties ! Our status is one of very important elements  We can conclude who we are actually from that . Thus , there are meant a thousand words from a very single word of status . Huhuhhhh .. I believe most of you  wanna other people know about ypur updated status , right ? So , we should be optimistics even who we are . Ussually , people would  keep stalking if there is a 'unique status' that you've ever made . Muahahahahhhh . I am wondering why do people update their 'childish status' ? It would make others laugh . Oppssss !!! Same with me . :)The end .



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