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ABCDEF *your are deaf
Sunday, 27 November 2011 | 10:52 | 0 voices
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Hey baby I love you so :) A very good morning everyone . Aww I wanna tell you something . I really miss my friends . Hell yess I do ! Get it ? I MISS MY FRIENDS . The picture above gonna tell you why I missed my friends like crazy . Hmm yeahh . Well we just have a school break for only more than one week but I can't feel happier unless my friends around me :) And the most fucking ever that I've to tell you , I'll be sitting a big examination on the next year . It's really unwanted 'thing' that I'll ever have . It's SPM !! Whoaaaa ... :o But I know by hook or by crook I have to .


Hey dear , I can't keep pretending that I'm gonna face a lot of kinds of books ! Yess I'll be friend  with the books on the next . So what will happen to my friends ? Ohmygod , I will not forget them . Friend and book are absolutely different . We can do a DNA test if you're not believing . Oh okay , I just kidding at all . Ahhh , what kind of jokes that will make me feel unbalance then ? Okay , I'm going to stop babbling :) Last words from me , I'm kissing you readers !

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