'To be or not to be, that's the question'

Wednesday, 2 November 2011 | 14:31 | 0 voices

Heyyaaaaa !!!! AMANI AMANI AMANI .... Blog aku dah bertukar .. Alaaa , blog aku aku nii mmg under Power Rangers sebab tu dia boleh berubah suka hati dia ja . Kann ! And aku ni sbg ADMIN mmg ada kuasa untuk menukarnya . Acewahhh . It's my right wasn't it ? I choosed the simple one from Lettha . Thank you Lettha . She's Indonesian guys . And Imma Malaysian :) Promoting myself . I wanna tell you (reader) something that everyone doesn't know . I love in blogging than facebooking . That's the fact . I would rather blogging than facebooking . I don't know why . I just feel like this is my own privacy .. Muahahahhhhh !!!
Sometimes I need to log in my facebook's account to have the newfeeds . 'Exploring' anything that has happened and would be happenned . It's such a way how can I keep connecting with my friends .


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