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Extremely happy .
Tuesday, 20 December 2011 | 21:07 | 0 voices

*Greeting ! :) 

Heyyooo . Seriously aku rasa happy gila dah boleh keluaq dengan dia even just dk dalam kereta ja kan . Our first plan was we're going to watch movie . Hahahahhhh .. Then it need to be canceled . Why ? Grrrrr :/ .......... He has another work to do with . Then I can't say anything and just nodded my head . That's meant I just followed his order but from deep in my heart . That flaming person had spoiled my day  But nvm . Perjalanan kami dah agak jauh . Muahahahahhhhh ... Okayyy syok dk merapu dalam kereta . 

But sometime tu aku terasa mcm nak baling phone saja sebab ada ja orang nak text dia . Lerrrrrrr -.- WHY WHY WHY WHY ????????????? Whoaaaaaa .. Dushhhhhh ! :o He just left me somewhere and I just continued my way by my own . And coincidentally I found my old friend . And stopped for a while . Then kami beresembang , yela nama pun kawan lama kennnn ?? Then dia kata nak pegi topup . Aku pun ikut jela . Hahahahh then what ? Kami pegi makan and jalan , jalan , jalan .... Haaaaa penattt ... Pastu dia nak pegi hospital nak pegi tengok her mother . Yes , she's been hospitalized . Aku pun ikut jela . Okay but on my way nak pegi hosp tu kan , kotak pemikiran aku tadi still dk terbayang bayang the moment that I've just passed through :) Muahhhhhhh ! :x


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