'To be or not to be, that's the question'

Friday, 30 December 2011 | 03:30 | 0 voices

Hey goodnight .. :) I was extremely happy . Once I had been mentioned that he's a muslim . Ohh maiiii ... Okay my question had been answering . Thank you my seker :) SEKER is a kind of sugar . Ahahhhh stop being like a child Amani . Ohoooooo , btw I was definately sad in the same time .

Because of what ? Hmmm ... Heyyyy siapa yg tengok Tentang Dhia ? Ohhhhh that movie is awesomeeeeeeeeeeee . Ohhh nak teriakk . Hmmmphh . Ending dia memang sedih and fair . *MAYBEEEEE . Saya nak suami yg macam tu boleh ? LOL :p What ? You've crossed over the line Amani . Hey arise ! Okay I'm awake ! :) Then nak apa lagi ? Amani nak friendship yang sangat untuh just same like Raju , Farhan and Rancho . They are awesome . I want that , I want that .. :'( There's some parts that made me so small and made me amaze for a moment . What's my friendship ? Could I be like them ? Ohh goshhhh .. That's too far as if I want to compare mine . 

And automatically bila dah tengok cerita tu even dah berapa kali ulang terasa nikmat persahabatan tu . The value of friendship is really hard to define . Anyone can be our friends but best friend there was one in a million . Masing-2 pernah buat silap and sometimes sesuatu kesalahan memerlukan masa untuk kita confess kan ? So take your time . I'd give 5 stars to 3 IDIOTS . The most brilliant movie that I ever watched . So what's your rating ? 


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