'To be or not to be, that's the question'

Wednesday, 28 December 2011 | 16:02 | 0 voices
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I'm saying hi to you all shy-shy-cats :) What your most awesome recent acivities ? Have you ? Okay but I have it !
I considered today was a wonderful and will be . I've went to school this morning and found my friends . That's awesome ! Then I went to some places with my friends . Shopping , have our meal :)

Ohhhhh outing with my Iman Oii , Nurul Hidayah , and Yushani Syafrina :) Awwww I miss them vigorously ! Ohh I forgot to mention that I've bought all my books for next year . Hahahahhh forget about that 'THINGS' . So what you have with your friends Amani ? Of course there were full of laughter and hilariousity :) Yes we are . I satisfied when I saw they're smiling . With their braces on their teeth . They looked great ! 

Most be surprised , Yushani Syafrina will be back together . She gonna move to SMKDSA . #jyeahhh . That was great :D Yes if so I can hear her dream story . She loves to dream . But it's wonderful !


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