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Upset .
Saturday, 3 December 2011 | 23:46 | 0 voices
I wanna talk about a friend of mine , Nurul Hidayah . Yeahh malam ni nak buat teruk okay . Menyampah ? It's okay . A really fine 'cause I'm not bother you and I don't force you up to read this entrance ! Nurul Hidayah or more friendly Dayah . She's such a unique that I ever know . Why did I mentioned that ? Yeahhh she's unique . Aku kenal dia dari form 2 and kami still tak sekelas . Naik form 4 ni baru kami sekelas sebab kami dpat 8A dalam PMR 2010 . So we've been placed in the same class . 

Then , awal-2 tahun aku still tak rapat lagi dengan Dayah sebab perangai dia memang bapak annoying ! Truthly , she's really annoying ! And smpai ke hari ni aku still don't have a reason why there's a friendship between us . Kami dah start keluar rehat sama-2 , time tadak cikgu dalam kelas aku akan pi kat tempat dia or dia akan pi dk kat tempat aku . Yahh it was a common thing . You might can't figure anything yet .

But she's freaking special . Why her ? Why her ? LOL , please look at this picture and read the whole it contents , it can help you to figure up what actually I mean .

Life Goes On.

Yeah , and si Dayah banyak tolong aku  Dia jenis tak kisah . She gonna borrow her money for me when I'm lacking of money . Hell yes even somtimes she's flaming . Dengan dia aku boleh kutuk dia depan-2 . Weh Dayah , hg ni menyakitkan hati ar , weh Dayah hang ni annoying la . Weh Dayah hang ni perasan arr . Yess kami memang macam tu and did she care of your words ? No she didn't . Slumbering she just noded her head :) Start pada tu , we'd like to stick together :)

So what now ? Kami akan berpisah . Tahun depan dah tak sama kelas . Dah tak dok dalam kelas yg sama . And I couldn't hear her laughter . That's okay . Chill Amani !


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