'To be or not to be, that's the question'

Tuesday, 17 January 2012 | 23:55 | 0 voices
*Yelling !

Actually petang td kat sekolah ada merentas desa . At first tu aku memang dh decide nak pi petang td . Dah bawak baju salin dah , *semangat ! Hahahah then waktu BIO tu aku dk pikir errr rasa mcm malas nak pi . Dengan aku waktu tu tengah menstrual pain >.< Memang **** Semalam dh deal dengan Iman nak join cross-coutry petang td . But I've spoiled it . Sorry Iman . Kesian Iman .. Hmhhhhh ... Dengan keadaan Iman mcm tu , mcm niii .... Well Iman saboooo jela .... I know you're stronger than you are .

And he's back ! Out of the title . Ahhhhh why why why ??? Why did you often sarcasting me ? I used to say 'okay , takpa and there's a smile emoticon behind . But it's doesn't mean that everything just gonna be fine . Err nevermind . I'll keep following your rhythm . Yes I am your bff and you used to utter that in every single conversation . But you know , my heart was nagging silently when heard your words . As Adele said in her song ,

Nevermind , I'll find someone like you .... No, I will wait for you.


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