'To be or not to be, that's the question'

Tuesday, 3 January 2012 | 22:36 | 0 voices
northen lights set on fire

Hye and greeting . How were your days ?  Don't you want to ask me what was actually had been officially certificated ? Hahahhh .. It was all about my relationship . Yes I'm happy but something had consumed me . What was that ? Sebelum kami official Eiin tak bgtau pun yg dia tu actually tak single sepenuhnya , yg dia mention kat aku dia dah single and for me single means he's free . And I know it . Ehmm forget about that and now yes really means yes so yes we are officially in a relationship . But aku still akan rasa bersalah sebab aku bukannya tadak hati dan perasaan sebab memang aku taktau apa pun sebelum ni . Benda dah jadi cenggini takkan nk patah balik kan ? Sorry and sorry again -.-

How was it ? Well it's wonderful and I'm deadly melting with him . I've to brave to say that I love him . Hmmphhh , harini aku keluar pegi beli barang sekolah . Ohh dear god , I'm still a student ??? Okay be patient , you've less than one year . Then you may enjoy ! Okay that's what I want . Esok kan dah nak start sekolah so harini kena get ready . Aku pegi beli foolscap paper and books wrapper . Hmmhhhh ... Kami keluar dari pukul 1 and pukul 8 malam baru sampai rumah . Letih tu memang tak terkira la wehhh .. -.-

Buat apa yang lama sangat ? Lepas kami pegi beli barang sekolah , mak ajak pi makan . Yolah , we even didn't fill up our tank before going . Here's the climax ! Masa dk tengah makan , aku tercakap pasal Eiin . Aku lupa yang mak aku tktau lagi pasal Eiin ni so I have to speak frankly . Then it was really unexpected . We got the greenlight from her and I'm deadly happy :)
But she left me with an advice . She reminded me not to be so fishy out ! Jangan campurkan masalah peribadi dengan pelajaran . Kena pandai control ! And I just nodded my head . 


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