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One Direction and what?
Wednesday, 23 January 2013 | 13:29 | 0 voices
I want One Direction. we want One Direction. Yes I want them to come to Malaysia. Pleaseeeeee! :'(

One Direction by ~MatriannaRawwkz on deviantART 
What say you? Cute right? Ohhhhhhmmmm..

Pada mula tu aku kurang minat sangat dengan kumpulan ni. Ini semua Najihah Zamri yang ajar. My god, I love Harry Styles. He's super duper triple cute! Why Harry, why???? Tapi muka dia sebijik macam Daniel. Hmm but it will not stop me from loving Harry Styles. 

Awhh Harry, I love you last name. Can I have that? :)

Say wha!?.... this can be turned into a many of beautiful things with the right caption ;) unfortunately I'm not that skilled. You guys should edit captions onto this and send them to me via twitter... only if you're as bor
irresistible.Official1dMex : Hazza tiene un par de ojos hermosos! | Twicsy, the Twitter Pics Engine 


OMG! Know this????? It's fucking pink!



Yeah! Find a guy who loves you for YOU! Nothing more... nothing less. Mmm and maybe have an accent ;) jk heh... no, but seriously...


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