'To be or not to be, that's the question'

Saturday, 27 April 2013 | 18:28 | 0 voices
Hello, there.

I don't seem to have any topics to talk about. It is a kind of random topic so here it is....

As a spm leaver, I have applied so many institutions, from various courses. This is my problem. I don't know what to choose and what is the most suitable course for me. Okay. Huh. Now I keep thinking when should I make decision? Ohhh.. The best one should be harder.

I would think about this more than an hour per day. This is serious.

I've applied the IPG, and am waiting for the interview. I've never stopped wishing. Waiting for their call. Everyday, everynight. Everytime I get myself online, I'll make sure that I will search any articles about the IPG. I just wanna know their new updates. It is very authoritative. Once I've been calling, I will never let this opportunity wear off. This is my last chance to be a successful one, to accomplish my goal.

I am sorry for being garrulous.


One Direction: The boys, I'm directioner. Do notice me boys.


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