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Thursday, 20 June 2013 | 19:30 | 0 voices
May peace be upon you.


It is hard for me to speak out (well that is IF anyone is willing to follow my story) the new environment that I had been in.

It was SMK Syed Hassan. Yeah right -.-

The only one thing that made me feel *ouh I'm better to go there was, it just a stone's throw from my house; a very short distance.

It doesn't matter to wake up late every morning. 

That's the point.

Pink Rose | via Tumblr 

*This picture is not relevant to the topic. I just love this picture; placid.

In that school, students are giving three options and they have to choose one either Economy, Business Study ( Pengajian Perniagaan ) and the last one is Literature ( Sastera ). 

Sooooooooooooooooo I chose Economy. It was quite interesting.

Quite awkward for me, because I was a pure-science student and now I learnt Economy. This is my first time. By hook or by crook, I have to find the way out to deal with this situation. Speaking of which, there was another option of Sejarah/Geography.

The form six students have to choose once again, whether they learn Sejarah Dunia or Geography. I'd rather choose Geography than Sejarah Dunia.

For me, it never gets me bored of learning Geography.

Yeah, I hope so :/

I've made an option to be pre-university student. So I HAVE TO.

I put so much hope in studies.
I shouldn't be playful.
This is a real battleship.

One year and 6 months is limited for me to be playful.

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keep hoping*


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